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3 Easy Steps to Replacing Your Pressure Washer pump

How to Replace Your Homelite Pressure Washer Pump
1. Remove the Bolts: Locate the bolts that hold the engine and pressure washer pump together at the base of the engine. There should be (3) bolts. Remove those bolts.
2. Transfer The Thermal Release Valve:
Remove the Thermal Release valve from the old pump with a wrench. Before re-installing make sure you wrap the threads with some kind of thread tape or sealant.
3. Mount the New Pump: Place the pump on the engine shaft. Rotate the pump until you get the keyway to line up with the key on the engine shaft. Install all (3) bolts and tighten.
Installing a new pressure pump is easy to do and can save you some money if you repair this yourself. Alot of times these manufactures do not offer repair parts and in this case installing a new pump is cheaper than repairing the old one. To replace your Homelite Pressure Washer Pump Click here to purchase a new one. A Quick repair will have you up and cleaning in no time!

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