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Mower Maintenance Checklist

July is the perfect time to give your lawn mower a check-up. We outline the 6 steps to ensure your mower is running and grass is cut.

  • Sharpen the blades! Sharpening at the beginning of the season is NOT enough! For most homeowners, sharpening or replacing the blades monthly is a good habit. A dull blade will cause excessive wear on the mower and leave the lawn vulnerable to disease. 
  • Clean the deck. Over the last few months, wet grass has been accumulating and drying on the mower deck. If the mower is too clogged to throw the grass as it cuts, it’s going to create problems for the lawn and machine. 
  • Replace your air filter. Do NOT use compressed air to “clean” a filter – this only causes tears in the filter that allow dirt into the engine. A small engine air filter is short money compared to a replacement engine.
  • Check the oil. Your owner’s manual will specify how often the engine needs an oil change.  If you can’t recall the last time the oil was changed or debris can be seen in the oil, it’s time to change the oil.
  • Check the wheels! On a push mower, make sure all 4 are set at the same height. For riding mowers, ensure all are properly inflated for a nice, level cut. 
  • Blow off dust, grass, and other debris. If you own a handheld leaf blower, you’re in luck – it’s the perfect tool to quickly clear areas around the deck, belts, and controls. Plus, if storing in a garage, it’s an easy way to keep things inside clean.
While performing mid-season maintenance it's important to consult your lawn mower's owner manual. The manual will provide a maintenance schedule, replacement part numbers, and all the required steps. 

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