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How to Install a Accelerator Grass Catcher

There are two types of mounting systems for Accelerator catchers, each with multiple variations. Each catcher comes with mounting instructions specific to the catcher. All catchers have a general instruction sheet which gives catcher care info and basic instructions. If your catcher comes with a bracket in the box, then you will also specific receive bracket installation instructions.
The two types are as follows:

Bracketless Models - These are for mowers that have a flat piece of metal along the top edge of the mouth, as the pictures shows here. See how the pin fits through a hole in the lip, and the hook on the catcher hangs over the lip. If you do not have the instructions that came with your catcher feel free to call or email Accelerator and we will email you the instructions you need.
Models with brackets - If your mower does not have a lip along the top edge you will need a bracket to install the catcher. There is much variation in the models using brackets. If you do not have your instructions you can email Accelerator and they will be happy to email you a copy of the appropriate bracket installation instructions. Here is a picture of the an opening with the most common bracket model installed.
When Mounting Catcher with a Bracket:

1.First place the catcher up against the side of the discharge side on your mower.

2. Align Front edge of catcher with opening of the mower deck. It is important that the rear of the opening in the catcher covers the rear of the mower discharge opening.

3. Take bracket put on edge of mower deck to mark place to drill holes. Make sure you align the catcher so it will hook onto the bracket once the catcher is installed.

4. Drill holes. it is best to use a 3/8 or larger bolt to install bracket to deck.

5. Install and Test. you maybe have to adjust catcher if you notice alot of blow out while mowing.

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