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Dimensions & Other Stuff to Know about Accelerator Grass Catchers.

Can I use a catcher on more than one mower?

The answer to this is usually no. There are some exceptions to this rule, ie. the catcher for the Exmark (GCEX and GCEXXL) will also fit on the Bunton, Encore, Ransomes/Bobcat, some Toro models, and others. The GCSC fits many Scag and most Ferris mowers. There are a number of other crossover models as well. The reason we do not even try to build a universal catcher is that we would have to compromise the fit on most of the mowers. This would severely impact the performance of our catcher on many mowers that had openings not close to the standard size.

What are the catchers made of?

Accelerator catchers are made of high quality, extruded aluminum and perforated aluminum sheet. This is why our catchers weigh so little and won't rust.
What sizes are available?

I often see the size in cubic feet. How does this translate into bushels.
One cubic foot = .8 bushels

CatcherSize in Cubic FeetSize in Bushels
Regular Sized Catcher4.15 Cubic Ft.3.32 Bushels
XL Catcher6.2 Cubic Ft.4.96 Bushels
Small Catcher3.3 Cubic Ft2.64 Bushels
Catchers for 21" 2.4 to 3.2 Cubic Ft 1.92 to 2.56 Bushels
Extender for Regular catchers 3.4 Cubic Ft 2.72 Bushels
Extender for XL catchers 4.8 Cubic Ft 3.84 Bushels

How much do they weigh?

Catcher Weight
4.15 Cubic Ft. Catcher 17 to 18 lbs.
6.2 Cubic ft. Catcher 23 to 24 lbs.
3.3 Cubic ft. Catcher 14 lbs.
Catchers for 21" 11 lbs.
Extender for Regular catchers 11.2 lbs.
Extender for XL catchers 13.2 lbs.

How much does it weight when full?

Obviously this varies greatly by how much grass you pack in, and how heavy the grass is. A good rule of thumb is that grass weighs approximately 7-12 lbs per cubic foot.
What are the dimensions of the catchers?

Catcher Length Width Height with Handle
4.15 Cubic Ft. Catcher 37" 18" 20"
6.2 Cubic ft. Catcher 43.5" 19" 22"
3.3 Cubic ft. Catcher 28" 17" 20.25"
Extender for Regular catchers 23" 17" 21.5'.
Extender for XL catchers 26" 18.25" 23.5"

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