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Mow Patterns: Earn your Stripes

Getting a good lawn to look great is easy and only takes a few extra minutes. Mowing patterns into the grass is a great way to make the lawn stand out visually and constantly changing the pattern helps keep the lawn healthy!  Here are three things to help put stripes on your lawn!

  • A stripe in the lawn is nothing more than a row of grass that has been pushed over. A roller, either attached to a mower or as a standalone tool, will lay grass down in a uniform manner. 

          PRO TIP:  Don’t cut too short, longer grass makes for better stripes. Plus, longer blades of grass offer more protection for hot, dry spells.  

  • Now that the lawn is cut at the correct height, adding a lawn striper to your mower is a great way to lay down some lines. You can buy a lawn striping kit for your walk behind mower or easily build your own using PVC pipe. 

          PRO TIP: Your first pass needs to be as straight as possible. Find the longest run in the yard, train your eyes on an object in the distance, and lay down the cut. Normally you would keep an eye to the ground for obstacles, so before you make the pass, ensure it’s clear. 

  • Establish a mowing schedule. If you always cut the lawn in the same direction, you run the risk of creating ruts or uneven growth. Develop 3-4 different patterns that you can use, and switch them up every time you cut. 
When it comes time to show off your masterpiece, give it a quick spray with the hose. Lightly wetting the freshly striped lawn will enhance the look.  Looking to learn more? Pick up a copy of “The Lawn Bible” by Dave Mellor. 

Don’t let mowing become a mindless chore – the end result will certainly look that way! Be creative, take your time and use the opportunity to design a look the makes your lawn stand out. 


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